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10 mannen vertellen wat ze de vreemdste vrouweneigenschappen vinden

We geven toe, we zijn ook wel heel bijzondere wezens. Zo slaan onze hormonen eens elke maand op hol en willen we om de een of andere reden het liefst in een groepje naar de wc tijdens feestjes. Best begrijpelijk dat sommige mannen daar niks van snappen.

Op Reddit spraken mannen hun verwarring uit over willekeurige vrouweneigenschappen.


“Going to the hair salon, and coming out with the same exact hair. Just now $200 less.” – allen84


“Do you really need 15 bottles of stuff when you take a shower? Besides shampoo and shower gel, I have ZERO IDEA what the rest of the stuff is.” – boiler_drum


“Doing their makeup just to sit in bed all day” – xAmity_


“Go in groups to the bathroom” – morzanking


“I never understood why women in “only girls” meetings solely talk about sex. The level of detail in those conversations is ridiculous. I would be really uncomfortable talking to other males in the same terms, it’s just too personal.” – xx-Rain_Maker-xx


“Clutch bags. A crappy little bag that can’t fit owt in that you have to hald in your hand all night. Jesus, get a strap.” – co_x_ist


“Carrying purses so large that finding what they need becomes an episode to ‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’.” – w8ulostme


“I will never understand high heels. Yeah they make your butt look nice and I guess they help your posture (?) but is it worth losing the gift of walking?” – ElefanteBlanco


“Buy a new dress every time you have a dressy event. You can wear them more than once.” – seanomenon


“the way they make a mortal fucking enemy out of another woman who wears the same outfit. If two guys did that shit, they become friends for fucking LIFE!” – RadleyCunningham

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10 mannen vertellen wat ze de vreemdste vrouweneigenschappen vinden