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Hilarisch: 17 tweets van ouders over de Frozen obsessie

‘Let it go, let it go’ kunnen veel ouders niet meer aan. Frozen is niet meer weg te denken uit het leven van onze kinderen en de titelsong niet meer uit ons hoofd. Dit zijn de 17 hilarische tweets van ouders over de Frozen obsessie.

Unfiltered Mama on Twitter

Even if she’s sleeping, my toddler WILL know if someone in our house tries to watch something other than Frozen & she WILL have a meltdown.

Simon Holland on Twitter

The song Love is an Open Door from Frozen is really about how your electricity bill goes up when you get married.

MamaFizzles on Twitter

I’m living the movie Frozen, but just the part where I hide in my room so I don’t have to go build a snowman.

Sara Says Stop on Twitter

During the scene in Star Wars when Rey climbs the mountain, my daughter started singing Let It Go. Frozen brainwashed her.

OneFunnyMummy on Twitter

In my memoir I’ll refer to this dark time as The Frozen Years…when Mommy drank heavily and was forced to sing against her will.

Paige Kellerman on Twitter

2yo: Please. Me: Please, what? 2yo: Please don’t shut me out again. Me: … 2yo:… Me: No more Frozen for you.

Danielle Herzog on Twitter

I’d like to thank the person that wrote Let It Go from Frozen & by thank u, I mean make you listen to it on 800 times a day like I have to.

Momma of Midgard on Twitter

Parent tip: Never argue with a 4yo about who gets to sing the Elsa part when listening to the Frozen soundtrack.

JΛCQUΞS on Twitter

Kiddo is sitting next to me, surfing the net on her imaginary computer, looking for Frozen videos. That’s some creative hinting right there.

No Idea: Daddy Blog on Twitter

All the Frozen crap in my daughter’s room makes me feel like I must be paying the mortgage on Elsa’s ice castle.

Housewife of Hell on Twitter

Oscars for Parents: Most Viewings of Frozen in a Single Sitting Best Impression of Disney Villain at Bedtime Least Makeup and Hairstyling

Melanie Dale on Twitter

The girls crawled in bed with me and are acting out scenes from #Frozen. No, I don’t wanna build a snowman. I want to sleep.

Andy H. on Twitter

Which is worse: that I had to wear a Frozen bandaid cuz all the regular ones were taken or that I spent 5 min. deciding between Anna & Elsa?

Brenna Jennings on Twitter

I can tell you’re not tired by the way you’re in hysterics because I won’t go buy you a Frozen bathing suit right now.

Doyin Richards on Twitter

Hearing your kid say, “The sky’s awake…so I’m awake” at 4:45 AM is a clear indication that she needs to stop watching #Frozen

Baby Sideburns on Twitter

I know the kids have been watching Frozen too much when I close the door behind me and Holden knocks and says, “Elsa?

Mike Reynolds on Twitter

Licking the grimy, kid-handled Frozen DVD is the new blow on the not working Super Mario Bros Nintendo cartridge.

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Hilarisch: 17 tweets van ouders over de Frozen obsessie