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Inga Stoit Mind 19 jan 2019
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25 komische tweets van ouders over hun jonge tieners

Ouders klagen vaak over hoe lastig tieners zijn. Toch kunnen de jonge tieners er ook al aardig wat van! Het begin van de tienerjaren hoeft namelijk niet perse rustig te verlopen. Soms begint die lastige fase dan al, maar dat zorgt wel voor komische tweets:

BadParentingMoments on Twitter

Preteens are living proof that you can love someone with every fiber of your being while still hoping they’ll leave the room.

Abe Yospe on Twitter

I spray deodorant on my 12yo son while he’s sleeping. You’re welcome.

Simon Holland on Twitter

You think you are going to be a cool hip parent, then your 12 year old daughter wants a pair of plain gray sweatpants that cost $58.

m?mma unfiltered on Twitter

I like to make sure my preteen never wears an outfit ever again by telling her she looks really cute in it.

Beau Coffron on Twitter

The awesome thing about having a preteen is that they make you feel like you have superpowers. Like the superpower of being able to embarrass them just by being in their presence in public.

Wendi Aarons on Twitter

New show idea based on my preteen: “The Sighing Years

Steve Olivas on Twitter

12-year-old son: Eats 3.6 million calories per day, doesn’t gain an ounce. Me: Watches him eat it, gains six pounds.

Sarah Wine-Thyre ???️‍? on Twitter

My 12yo and her friend are going through a phase where they just say “huh-whut” and “yayyyyy-yuh” and “okyay!” like Lil Jon and I hope it’s not just a phase bc I like them better this way

MamaFizzles on Twitter

If you think hope is dead then you must not have a pre-teen asking you every day for his own cell phone.

m?mma unfiltered on Twitter

Asking a group of preteens to be quiet bc it’s time for bed isn’t even the stupidest thing I did today.

Yes, I Like Wine Mancino-Williams on Twitter

11yo: Let’s go out and buy notebooks. Me: Didn’t I just buy you a notebook? 11yo: Yes. Me: So. 11yo: I don’t physically need a new notebook. I emotionally need a new notebook.

Beau Coffron on Twitter

I’m think God gives preteens eye rolls & attitudes so that parents don’t get too nostalgic about our kids growing up so fast.

Simon Holland on Twitter

Me: Just because you have those now doesn’t make you better than us. We are still your family. My 12 year old daughter taking out an AirPod: Did you say something?

Kim Holcomb on Twitter

My 12-year-old just called The Goonies an “old-timey movie” and I’m sad he has to move out now.

Abe Yospe on Twitter

Just overheard my 11yo son on the phone with his friend, “Don’t worry, I will bring some of my dad’s money.

Jennifer Weiner on Twitter

Pro tip: when pre-teen daughter asks if you can talk, tell her, “Only if it’s about YOUR CHANGING BODY.

BadParentingMoments on Twitter

I just took 4 preteen girls to dinner and I’ve never been more thrilled to be completely irrelevant.

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Kim Bongiorno on Twitter

When my 11yo daughter is mad at me, she’ll sing an annoying earworm-type song until it’s stuck in my head, then walk away grinning. Thing is, I’m so impressed by the level of her evil genius that I can’t even punish her for it.

Experienced Bad Mom on Twitter

Me: Boom! Drops the mic! 12yo: Nobody says that anymore Mom. Me: Oh? What do they say? 12yo: I’m not telling you.

Yes, I Like Wine Mancino-Williams on Twitter

Over lunch my 11yo couldn’t think of the word hot dog and called it a potato cock.

Barmy Rootstock on Twitter

KEEP OUT: A sign on a door that means, “It’s time to buy your pre-teen books about puberty.

No Idea: Daddy Blog on Twitter

From my brother “My preteen told me she does everything. I do nothing. I shut the main breaker off to the house and went to bed.” Your move

Krista O’Reilly on Twitter

Me, my daughter, & Joni. Clear in the way she keeps stopping to listen that Blue speaks to her tortured preteen soul like it spoke to mine.

inappropriate mom on Twitter

Today’s win: Finally trained my phone to quit autocorrecting to “duck”. Today’s loss: Just texted my 11yo that’s he’s a lucky fuck.

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