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Inga Stoit Mind 19 dec 2018

31 hilarische tweets over ouders die kapot zijn na het opzetten van de kerstboom

Kerst is heerlijk, prachtig en magisch. Maar ondanks al het mooie, is er ook een hoop stress en geregel. Het opzetten van de kerstboom kan een slopende taak zijn. Mocht jij je hierin herkennen, zul je onderstaande tweets heerlijk vinden.

Dad and Buried on Twitter

Putting up the Christmas tree this weekend because life with a toddler isn’t dangerous, messy, and terrifying enough already.

Jim Gaffigan on Twitter

Anyone know how to get blood off a Christmas tree?

Mommy Owl on Twitter

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree When You Have Kids: 1. Unpack ornament 2. Drop repeatedly until it shatters into a million pieces 3. Repeat

Simon Holland on Twitter

Wow, my kids are decorating the heck out of this small lower left section of our Christmas tree.

James Breakwell, Exploding Unicorn on Twitter

Me: I hate putting up the Christmas tree every year. 7-year-old: So why do you take it down?

Julius Sharpe on Twitter

Forgot we bought a Christmas tree. Woke up at 2 a.m., went to pee, thought it was a guy and almost called the cops on it.

?Sarcastic Mommy? on Twitter

If you don’t have to threaten your kids to help you decorate the Christmas tree, do you really even have teenagers?

Ken Jennings on Twitter

What about that one?!?!” –my kids, about the ugly-ass pink or blue flocked Christmas tree EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR.

James Breakwell, Exploding Unicorn on Twitter

Wife: I want a real Christmas tree. Me: They have sap. It’ll get everything sticky. Wife: We have four kids. Everything is already sticky.

Lady Lawya on Twitter

I asked my husband if we could put the Christmas tree up today and he said if I was serious he was moving out. I’ll let y’all know if I miss him.

Kalvin on Twitter

INTERVIEWER: what are your qualifications? ME: I managed to fit the entire Christmas tree back into its box INTERVIEWER: welcome to NASA you’re an astronaut now

Simon Holland on Twitter

A strand of lights on my Christmas tree went out this morning and my kids learned five new words.

?Sarcastic Mommy? on Twitter

Let’s go get a Christmas tree!” ~ A divorce story

James Breakwell, Exploding Unicorn on Twitter

To make sure my kids don’t mess with the ornaments this year, my Christmas tree is a 4-foot-tall cactus.

Abe Yospe on Twitter

I bought our Christmas tree from Rite Aid giving our Christmas the festive smell of cough syrup and vaseline.

Jim Gaffigan on Twitter

I miss the days when my kids were so young I could tell them that we had invisible Christmas tree.

?Sarcastic Mommy? on Twitter

Watching my kids decorate the Christmas tree is just me yelling from the couch, “NO DON’T PUT THAT THERE! Here, let me do it.

Tanis Miller on Twitter

It’s a Christmas miracle. My son just crawled AWAY from my christmas tree instead of towards it with the intent to destroy. Wow.

Sara Says Stop on Twitter

My husband and I keep tradition alive during the holidays by having our annual Christmas tree argument.

Simon Holland on Twitter

Sorry I didn’t click the like button on the pictures of the Christmas tree you put up today on November 12th.

?Sarcastic Mommy? on Twitter

I love my Christmas traditions. Such as, when we go looking for our Christmas tree, I always take a cup of Baileys with a splash of coffee.

The Real American Dadass on Twitter

A Christmas tree decorating tutorial, for parents of toddlers: Step 1. Open your ornaments. Step 2. Dump them on the floor along with your pride. Step 3. Pour yourself a drink.

kelly oxford on Twitter

Me to Bea, age 5, “I’m going to put you on the top of the Christmas Tree.” Bea “That would hurt my butt.

JuneBug on Twitter

Fuck it. That’s good enough. -me, ten minutes into decorating the Christmas tree.

Liz Gumbinner ? on Twitter

If we don’t get this damn Christmas tree today, we’re going to end up with ornaments on the dog.

James Breakwell, Exploding Unicorn on Twitter

My wife asked me to carry our 9-foot Christmas tree up three flights of stairs. Now I’m Jewish.

?Sarcastic Mommy? on Twitter

Came home to find my son had “flocked” my decorative indoor Christmas tree with flour. To make it worse, it looks impressive.

Abe Yospe on Twitter

Buying a live Christmas tree is like buying a human with its feet cut off and buying a fake Christmas tree is like buying a mannequin with its feet cut off.

Simon Holland on Twitter

Oh, just commenting, “your balls are showing” on every single Christmas tree photo on Facebook, what are you up to?

James Breakwell, Exploding Unicorn on Twitter

4-year-old: Can I open my presents? Me: It’s not Christmas. 4: But the Christmas tree is up. She makes a compelling argument.

Andy H. on Twitter

Dec. 27] *walks up to fully decorated Christmas tree* Nobody likes you anymore. Please leave.

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31 hilarische tweets over ouders die kapot zijn na het opzetten van de kerstboom