Youtuber brengt ode aan cellulitis en gaat daarvoor zelf met de billen bloot

In een wereld waarin alles wordt gladgestreken en weggepoetst is geen ruimte voor cellulitis. Althans, dat lijkt. De bekende YouTuber Kenzie Brenna uit Engeland is het zat en deelt via Instagram wat de popcultuur volgens haar voor invloed heeft op het lichaamsbeeld van vrouwen.

De hashtag die ze hierbij gebruikt, is #CelluliteSaturday. Brenna grijpt zo social media aan om haar onzekerheden te laten zien. Onzekerheden die wij (bijna) allemaal hebben. Zo laat ze schaamteloos een foto van zichzelf zien inclusief haar cellulitis. En geef haar eens ongelijk, want zonder Photoshop is niemand perfect.

Sisters unite!

Yaassssssssss kweens. You know what day it is! ? ? ? Do I love this part of my body? No, absolutely not. No matter how many times I talk about it, no matter how many people support me, its engrained in me to understand that “if you have cellulite, that part of your body is not good looking.” And some people will read this and nod their head. I get it. But I also recognize that this is from social conditioning. IF YOU THINK for some reason that we are born with a natural distaste for certain body types then you are wrong. Let me give you this example: (This example slays btw) ?✨ If cellulite wasn’t attractive because its inherently in our DNA, then we wouldn’t also shame women for having body hair. Makes sense right? Body hair grows on us and yet we shave it off because smooth, white, young looking skin is more desirable than the other. But wait! It’s in our primitive mind to look for mates who can survive, so why do we instinctively think that body hair on a woman is unattractive? Considering body hair is developed by biological evolution. BECAUSE WE HAVE BEEN RAISED TO THINK THAT. This is called cultural programming. This has nothing to do with what our cavemen minds think is attractive. And if you’ve been following my youtube videos I have spoke that our psychology cannot exist without the influence of our culture or the sub cultures around you. That would be called living in a “cultural vacuum” and it doesn’t exist. If you recognize this, it’s much easier to step out of your body and understand it from a sociological perspective. You can learn so so much about yourself once you realize how our minds and bodies work!! ????? I am no exception to this, cellulite monster inside of me still reigns her ugly head sometimes, but I acknowledge that this is social conditioning and I will not bow down to it. I will try to love myself. Over and over again.❤️ No matter how uncomfortable it makes me, no matter how hard, not matter what anyone says: I am on a journey for self love and I WILL NOT STOP. ??? #cellulitesaturday #thisbody #embracethesquish Also lovelies! Pls actually tag me in your pics! If you just @ me, it gets lost. Sowwie ?????

Een foto die is geplaatst door Kenzie B (@omgkenzieee) op

LEES OOK: Moeder maakt fotoserie om haar dochters minder onzeker te maken.

GOOD MORNINGGGG ✨☀️? So, today is #cellulitesaturday ?? Let’s talk stats ok? These are pretty wild to me. 42% of girls in grade 1-3 want to be thinner ? 78 fucking % of 17 year old girls are unhappy with their bodies ? “Teenage girls are more afraid of gaining weight then getting cancer, losing their parents or nuclear war.” ??? In 2013 the American Medical Association created a policy that really didn’t go anywhere, stating that the effects of digitally altering images to impressionable youth were so harmful they cause HEALTH PROBLEMS. I’m not fucking making this shit up people. And did it do anything? Nope. That’s why offering up my #realbody, unedited, unfiltered for you to look at, for trolls to rip apart, is important because we have LITERALLY FORGOTTEN WHAT REAL BODIES LOOK LIKE. To quote WIKIPEDIA “cellulite occurs in 80-90% of women, the prevailing medical condition is that it’s ‘merely the normal condition of many women.'” ?NORMAL. It’s fucking NORMAL.? With stats above it drives me so hard so that way my future daughters and sons grow up with more real images of bodies around them than I did. To pray their mental and physical health isn’t as affected as mine was. #fuckyeahhhhh #thisbody #celluliteisokay #bodyconfidence #nobodyshame #recovery #bodyimage #bodyimageissues #cellulite

Een foto die is geplaatst door Kenzie B (@omgkenzieee) op

Nieuwe beweging
Haar post en hashtag zijn viraal gegaan en genereerden duizenden likes en shares. Sterker nog, er zijn zelfs vrouwen die een voorbeeld aan Kenzie hebben genomen en een foto van zichzelf hebben geplaatst met de hashtag. Brenna hoopt met deze ‘opschudding’ een beweging in gang te brengen waarbij vrouwen hun lichaam leren omarmen. Door de hashtag in het leven te roepen, laat ze zien dat er zat vrouwen zijn die kampen met onzekerheden. Ze voegt toe: “There is there is no great[er] revolution than finding self love in a world that constantly tells you there is something wrong with you.” Whoohoo, Kenzie for president!

Decided to be brave and raw with you guys. No filters, no editing, no cropping out my unmade bed/messy room. This is me. If you don’t know, #CelluliteSaturday is a thing started by the beautiful @omgkenzieee. 93% of women have cellulite!! And while that statistic says the majority of women have it, think about how many of us try to get rid of it. The presence of cellulite is largely genetic, and im sorry to tell you that any topical cream is not going to get rid of it. I would be lying if I said i haven’t tried to get rid of mine. I carry cellulite largely on my thighs and butt, especially underneath my butt. I workout 5 days a week, I eat a balanced diet, I drink lots of water, I foam roll every now and then. All of these things are said to be able to help reduce the presence of cellulite. But guess what? Who gives a fuck? lol. Honestly though. There are SO many other things that could be and ARE “flawed” about me. And if I have the “flaw” of cellulite than so be it. These “flaws” say nothing about me as a person, or who I am. This “flaw” that the majority of women have is considered a “flaw” because of the standards set by the beauty industry. Go look in a magazine, or any sort of ad with women showing skin and tell me if you see cellulite. The one company I know of that doesn’t retouch the models is @aerie. But other than that, smooth skin with no evidence of cellulite is the so-called standard. And as women we constantly see that and then assume there’s something wrong with us that needs to be fixed. My point is that if you have cellulite, you are not abnormal!! You aren’t “flawed!” YOU aren’t CELLULITE. You have cellulite. Just like you have eye boogers, ear wax, body hair, BO, split ends, stretch marks, moles, skin discolorations, acne, etc. These don’t define you. Your character, heart, sense of humor, ability to understand. Those things define you and who you are as a person. Give yourself a break ladies. Much love?❤️ #Cellulite #StretchMarks #LoveYourself

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No filters, no edits, no sucking in, no nothing. Just smack dab in the middle of some good ol’ “flaw” showing sunlight. Lighting can fully change how someone looks; and odds are, most of the women you know have had their pictures taken in lighting that hides their “flaws” the most, out of either insecurity or shame. But reality is, the vast majority of women have cellulite, scars or stretch marks on their bodies. It’s in our biology, and it’s simply how our bodies are meant to grow, slim down and store fat. Diet industries and public figures have caused such a stir about how our bodies “should” look like, that we’ve forgotten how to embrace ourselves as we naturally are. We’ve got our minds so rapped up into looking like one particular body, that we’ve lost conscious of how impossible it is for two bodies to be exactly alike. Our own damn bodies don’t even look the same throughout the lengths of a day, yet we’re still falling for a social ideal which simply cannot be met? To love yourself as you are, and move towards a better you, you have learn more about yourself and your body first. It takes time, and it takes strength, and you will have your downfalls, but I promise you, there is no greater feeling than embracing yourself for who you truly are? #cellulitesaturday #HoneyLoves

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Dit onderzoek wijst uit dat met Barbies spelen je als kind onzeker kan maken.

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