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Inga Stoit Lifestyle 24 apr 2019
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Herkenbaar: 21 tweets van ouders die een beetje gehumeurd zijn

Het ouderschap zit vol met uitdagingen en zo nu en dan kunnen we daar ietwat gehumeurd door raken. Het leven is een feest, maar dat maakt niet elke dag even feestelijk.. Hier kan iedereen zich vast in herkennen. Deze tweets zijn hilarisch en herkenbaar voor iedere ouder die zo nu en dan haar temperament voelt op spelen.

MotherFuckingCheeseFries on Twitter

Cops that pullover minivans are assholes. Like driving around five fucking kids isn’t punishment enough

Doc Octopussy ? on Twitter

First time parent: “I really don’t like when you do that.” Second time parent: “YOU’RE BEING A DICK.

Simon Holland on Twitter

Let’s get married and have kids so instead of going to happy hour you can make a boxed dinner while I figure out common core math homework.

Pigeon Fancier on Twitter

Men naming their sons after them is a classic case of slapping your name on a completed project after someone else did all the work

EdelBrice ? on Twitter

Tattoo Artist: So why April 14, 2007? Birth of your first child? Me: Haha no…the day before.

Mommy Owl on Twitter

Thinking about starting a business where I pick up parents from their homes, hand them a bottle of wine, drive them to an open field and let them scream at the top of their lungs for 20 minutes before dropping them back off at home. Million dollar idea.

Dad and Buried on Twitter

When you have kids, a three-day weekend is nothing but a painful reminder of what you’ve lost.

Doc Octopussy ? on Twitter

Remember when you used to be able to pull into your drive way and just sit and listen to a song or two before you got out of the car? Well you can’t fucking do that when you have kids, say goodbye to your peace forever.

No Idea: Daddy Blog on Twitter

My 4yo makes a lot of demands for someone who can’t drive and has no money.

WTFDAD on Twitter

Friend: you guys gonna have another kid? Me: not sure yet. Friend: why? Me: well while we would like to have another baby, we would love to get back to sleeping and fucking.

Ramblin Mama on Twitter

Pumpkin patches, so you can pay $50 for kids activities like “here, pet this goat” and “chip your tooth in this overcrowded bouncy house.

The Real American Dadass on Twitter

If you’ve never turned the volume on your car stereo up to drown out the sounds of your kids, are you really even a parent?

A Bearer Of Dad News on Twitter

Congratulations on your newborn. Both sides of your pillow are now the cool side since you hardly will ever use it again.

SpacedMom on Twitter

I’m tired of hearing new moms always say their baby is “such a good baby.” Just once, I wanna hear a mom be like, “Yeah, no, my baby’s a real dick.

Stephanie Ortiz on Twitter

I never thought my spouse & I would argue over who “gets” to leave the house to pick up milk, but this is what parenthood does to you, people.

Cydni Beer on Twitter

You know when you’ve plugged your phone into a charger only to discover the charger wasn’t ever plugged into an outlet therefore your phone actually hasn’t been recharged at all? That’s what going to sleep for the night as a parent is like.

Danielle and Farrah on Twitter

Just once, I would love to look my kid in the eyes when he gives me a picture he spent a long time coloring, and have the nerve to say, “could you make me another one…that’s not what I wanted,” just so he can get a sense of what it feels like to make him dinner every night.

Unfiltered Mama on Twitter

The tea party my toddler invited me to feels more like a hostage situation.

Mommy Owl on Twitter

Sure kids cost roughly $14,000 annually, but think about all the money you’ll save from not having a social life.

Sara Says Stop on Twitter

Oh, you lost, your tooth? With only five minutes before bedtime? The tooth fairy must be thrilled. Absolutely thrilled. I’m sure she didn’t have anything else to do tonight. This is just so, so great.

Heather is a hot mess on Twitter

It’s a “flipping the kids off behind their backs” sort of day.

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