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Inga Stoit Kids 21 mrt 2019
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Haha! Lees hier: de meest hilarische tweets over hoe het is om te reizen met kinderen

Vakantie dient om tot rust te komen. Dit is het moment waarop we even helemaal tot onszelf komen en de alledaagse stress vergeten. Maar als je kinderen hebt, geldt dit wellicht niet voor jou. Het kan namelijk bizar uitdagend en vermoeiend zijn om met kinderen op reis te gaan. Deze ouders vinden dat ook:

Sarcastic Mommy on Twitter

Traveling with kids is just yelling, “STOP THAT OR I’M TAKING YOU HOME!” in a different city.

inappropriate mom on Twitter

My kids are giving all the people on this plane a hard lesson in birth control right now.

Stephanie Ortiz on Twitter

So two hours, 13 juice boxes & four cries of, “I gotta pee noooow!”, we’re off to our third bathroom stop. Traveling with kids is fun.

MotherPlaylist on Twitter

10 Reasons Why Traveling with Kids is Great 1.

The Dad on Twitter

Travel tip: before boarding a plane with kids, show them the first episode of Lost and tell them it was caused by a toddler whining.

Robert Knop on Twitter

Backpack contents for plane trip: – enough food and drinks for my kids to eat for a month – 1 water for my wife and I to share

Carbosly on Twitter

Worst part of traveling with kids & stopping to let them pee is knowing all the assholes you’ve passed are once again in front of you.

Casey Brown (they/them) on Twitter

Traveling alone with a kid is so fun! Traveling alone with a kid is so much! Traveling alone with a kid is so WHY DO WE HAVE SO MUCH STUFF WHY DO I HAVE TO CARRY EVERYTHING WHY DID SHE USE ALL HER VACATION MONEY TO BUY STUFFED ANIMALS.

Amy Dillon on Twitter

It’s not a family vacation until someone threatens to throw a prized possession from a moving vehicle.

Unfiltered Mama on Twitter

Good thing we spent thousands of dollars traveling to another country so my kids could play their iPads in a hotel room instead of at home.

Dad and Buried on Twitter

The one big perk of going on vacation with my kids is that the bags under my eyes now have a tan.

Kate Spencer on Twitter

Flying with your kids is 90% iPads and 10% whisper-yelling at them so as not to reveal your screaming parenting style in public

Sweatpants Cher ? on Twitter

Every thing you’ve ever seen a parent do in public that you’ve disagreed with I’ve done in this airport today.

Elizabeth Hackett on Twitter

Stop complaining about the mom traveling alone with a bunch of screaming kids under 5. I’m buying that damn woman a drink.

Minivan on Twitter

I love traveling with my kids!” ~ A liar.

Mike Reynolds on Twitter

Hey it’s fun to spend lots of money on family vacations and then have your kids tell you that the part they are most excited about is “finding out if the plane has a shitter.

Kelcey Kintner on Twitter

Woman traded aisle seat for a middle seat so I could sit near my kids. Which shows people will do anything to get away from kids on a plane

Julius Sharpe on Twitter

My favorite part of taking kids on vacation is they tell you they hate it, you call them ungrateful, they start crying, then the plane lands and you arrive.

Amanda Magee on Twitter

Traveling with kids reminds me that children are often the loudest when they are trying to be quiet.

JennyPentland on Twitter

If you guys ever want to know what it felt like to wear the scarlet ‘A’, board a plane with 4 kids.

James Breakwell, Exploding Unicorn on Twitter

3-year-old: *points to the old-timey globe in my office* We should go on vacation. Me: To where? 3: *points to the sea monster*

Sarah Thyre on Twitter

I like to get to the airport early so my kids can drive me crazy enough that I don’t care whether the plane crashes.

Abe Yospe on Twitter

80% of taking your kids on vacation is keeping them out of gift shops.

Amy Dillon on Twitter

Vacation, all I ever wanted,” I sing softly as I wash out my son’s Underoos in the hotel room sink.

Jim Gaffigan on Twitter

Probably the best time to travel with young children is never.

Kristina Killgrove on Twitter

Asked the 7yo to pack her airline carryon. She included: an empty box, a harmonica, shark teeth, and broken glass. #travelingwithkids

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Haha! Lees hier: de meest hilarische tweets over hoe het is om te reizen met kinderen