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Inga Stoit Mind 22 mrt 2019

Hilarisch! Deze ouderlijke tweets maken duidelijk hoe duur kinderen zijn

Kinderen zijn geen grap en al helemaal niet voor onze portemonnee. Die kleine schatjes kosten ons nog net geen rib uit het lijf. Dat lieten deze ouders ook duidelijk blijken:

Ms. Havisham on Twitter

Shampoo Shopping, 1st Child: This $27 bottle has all pure, plant based ingredients grown in a country that has never supported a dictatorship & that only allows free range chickens. Sold! 6 yrs, 2 kids later: This generic dishwashing liquid shouldn’t take off too much skin.

The Real American Dadass on Twitter

My hobbies include: working really hard to earn money and watching my kids eat every penny of it.

Sarcastic Mommy on Twitter

Welcome to parenthood. Hope you like hearing “THERE’S NOTHING TO EAT!” right after you just spent your life savings at the grocery store.

Rodney Lacroix on Twitter

If I had enough money to bribe my kids way into college it probably means I didn’t have kids in the first place.

The Dad on Twitter

After son breaks something] ME: This is why we can’t have nice things! HIM: I thought money was why we couldn’t have nice things. ME: *Trying to keep my anger momentum* There can be more than one reason for only having crappy things!

John Spencer on Twitter

Me: This tidying up thing is a pretty good trend. Also me: Oh, look, it’s the dollar bin at Target. I’m sure there’s something here the kids will love.

Ramblin Mama on Twitter

I want my kids to have a fun childhood, but like a lazy, quiet kind of fun that doesn’t cost anything.

Henpecked Hal on Twitter

I offer my kids $500 for every A on their report card. It sends the message that education is a priority in our household and it costs me absolutely nothing since my kids aren’t that bright.

Mommy Owl on Twitter

Sure kids cost roughly $14,000 annually, but think about all the money you save from no longer having a social life.

The Mom at Law on Twitter

My son walks around all day talking about how he wants to order sushi and go to Target, so yeah, we’re definitely blood-related.

Kim Bongiorno on Twitter

Nobody mentioned that having kids was just a very expensive way of curating an interactive and quite thorough list of all your most annoying personality traits.

LEES OOK: Haha! Deze eerlijke tweets van ouders over de schermtijd van hun kinderen zijn hilarisch.

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Hilarisch! Deze ouderlijke tweets maken duidelijk hoe duur kinderen zijn