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Inga Stoit Mind 11 jan 2019
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22 hilarische tweets van ouders over de kids en hun knuffels

Naast allerlei speelgoed hebben kinderen graag knuffels. Deze gaan mee naar bed, mee op reis en soms zelfs mee naar school. Kortom: kinderen zijn er gek op en kunnen vaak niet zonder. Dit veroorzaakt een aantal hilarische tweets, je ziet ze hieronder:

OneFunnyMummy on Twitter

When you’re a parent, living on the edge just means not having a backup of your child’s favorite stuffed animal.

Robert Knop on Twitter

I’m sorry my sons were late to school. They insisted on celebrating their stuffed animal’s birthday. Again.

James Breakwell, Exploding Unicorn on Twitter

I made her leave her stuffed animal in the van. She gave up on life. She may never move again.

ThisOneSays on Twitter

3yo: Bing Bomb! Bing Bomb! Me *running after her in the airport*: she means her stuffed animal Bing Bong! She means her stuff…

Lurkin’ Mom on Twitter

I can’t sleep, I’m afraid of monsters!” My 4yo whispers, hugging a stuffed monkey w/ one eye, a missing arm & a massive hole in its throat.

HowToBeADad on Twitter

Just rescued a puppy from a neighbor’s roof. I’m not going to let the fact that it was my kid’s stuffed animal affect how heroic I feel.

Dad and Buried on Twitter

My son lost his lovey on the subway to Grand Central today. The thing is old and ratty and gross, so good riddance! Except he just declared that without it he’ll “never sleep again!” so I’ll be devoting the rest of my life to searching Manhattan.

James Breakwell, Exploding Unicorn on Twitter

Me: Who messed up the curtains? 4-year-old: Brown Doggy. Me: Brown Doggy is a stuffed animal. 4: Yeah. He’s really strong.

Lurkin’ Mom on Twitter

Sorry we’re late. It’s “bring your favorite stuffed animal to school” day and my son could only narrow it down to 307.

Abe Yospe on Twitter

You know you’re truly a parent when you are required to show the pictures in the book you are reading to the stuffed animals in the room.

Abhorrent Housewife on Twitter

We are playing every board game the kid’s toy elephant wants to play. Nice to know I’m also a stuffed animal’s bitch.

Robert Knop on Twitter

My 7yo just gave me a Christmas list…for his stuffed animal…in case you wanted to know what parenting is like

James Breakwell, Exploding Unicorn on Twitter

The most devastating natural disasters: 4) Floods 3) Hurricanes 2) Earthquakes 1) A toddler losing their favorite stuffed animal

maura quint on Twitter

Hello, my 5y/o drew a picture of his stuffed animal. That’s the product tag. I asked.

Dad and Buried on Twitter

My kid lost his lovey so my wife swapped in a duplicate to take its place & now I’m terrified she has a clone of me somewhere JUST IN CASE.

Brian Hope on Twitter

5 year old: “Sorry, only 3 people can play this board game.” “Yes…you, me & mommy.” “No – me, mommy & Yo-yo.” Yo-yo’s a stuffed animal.

Valerie on Twitter

7yo: EW MY LOVEY SMELLS LIKE PEE Me: ….is it…? 7: YEAH CUZ I GOTTED PEE ON IT Me: There it is

James Breakwell, Exploding Unicorn on Twitter

going out the door] Me: Hurry up. We’re late. 4-year-old: Wait. This is important. *kisses 16 stuffed animals*

Andy Herald on Twitter

Took me 5 seconds to forget the name my kid just gave his stuffed animal. Which is impressive because he told it to me like 7 or 18 times.

SpacedMom on Twitter

Tiptoes up behind a burglar robbing our house and sneaks 10 of my kids’ stuffed animals into his bag*

HowToBeADad on Twitter

You know you’re a parent when you wipe your sweaty forehead with a stuffed animal.

James Breakwell, Exploding Unicorn on Twitter

My 1-year-old threw herself on the ground and won’t budge. She can’t carry 25 stuffed animals at once. Her love is bigger than her arms.

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