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Inga Stoit Kids 10 apr 2019

Deze tweets laten zien hoe pittig het moederschap kan zijn (en geloof ons: ze zijn hilarisch)

Dat het moederschap een behoorlijk job is is geen geheim. Sterker nog, het staat gelijk aan het hebben van 2,5(!) fulltime banen, hier lees je meer over dat onderzoek. Het ouderschap is af en toe behoorlijk zwaar maar dat betekent nog niet dat we er niet om kunnen lachen. Deze tweets zijn herkenbaar en hilarisch voor iedere moeder. Want mama zijn is nu eenmaal zwaar, speciaal en ook lachwekkend.

Kim Bongiorno on Twitter

tries to sneak out for lunch on busy work day* *immediately gets call from school to pick up sick kid*

kickassk on Twitter

No, you just ate a Twix bar for breakfast. #workingmomfail

Sarah Mitchell on Twitter

So the boys are going ‘out’ today so I have some time to myself – to clean house and do the grocery shopping. #WorkingMomFAIL

Megan Cope Hazzard on Twitter

Oops, left my pump out in the break room, I’m sure that wasn’t awkward when they ate lunch #pumpingatwork #newmom

Cindy Kane on Twitter

Home from a mind-exploding day…and I confess that playing Star Wars is not high on my list…#workmomfail

Suburbia_Mommy on Twitter

Thank god, it’s Friday!! Just kidding, I’m a parent. Friday means absolutely nothing to me now

Amanda Mellott on Twitter

When you use pumping as an excuse to get away from an annoying coworker ????? #ByeFelicia #pumpingatwork #breastfeeding

Meredith on Twitter

Something important is happening this week. Kids: My throat hurts.

Northern Lights ? on Twitter

As the parent of a 5yo boy, I can name all the dinosaurs and none of my coworkers.

The Next Martha on Twitter

Learned who my kids teachers were this morning. Think sending them a link to my blog with “I will write about you” is too much?

Jasmine Hill on Twitter

Willing my boobs to make “just one more ounce” is my new hobby #pumpingatwork #workingmom

Lurkin’ Mom on Twitter

I’m fine. I’m fine. I’m fine. I’m fine. [Friday at 5:01 PM] I’m sick. -kids

Suzy on Twitter

Sometimes I clean out my #coffee cup with a baby wipe #momconfessions

Mel H Steffen on Twitter

In my car currently pumping – oh the places I have done this. #PumpingMom #MomLife #PumpingProblems #MamasMilk #BabyGirl

thecorporatesister on Twitter

When your house has turned into a giant toy room after Christmas #workingmom

Breast Friends UK on Twitter

Ever been in a meeting in work and all you can think about is that your boobs are on fire and about to explode! #pumpingatwork #workingmum

Tired Working Mom on Twitter

The new mom at my work is so cute, she’s still enthusiastic and doesn’t have a drinking problem yet.

Mommy, for real. on Twitter

Tuesday: Day 1 of school, preschool, and back to work. Wednesday: Home with two sick kids. Classic.

The ParentNormal on Twitter

Me: [walking up slide] Have you seen my briefcase? I’m late for an important meeting. [slides down, checks toybox] Where is it? – Parenting

Sarcastic Mommy on Twitter

Most kids refer to their parents as Mom or Dad. My kids refer to me as “can I have $20?

Katie Stanners on Twitter

You know you have a snooze button addiction when your alarm goes off and your sleepy toddler yells “snooze it mom!” #toddlerlife #momlife #workingmomlife

Alicia Stonesifer on Twitter

Finally got a “baby’s first Christmas” ornament for the 2 year old. #workingmomlife

LEES OOK: Haha! Ieder gezin heeft zo haar geheimen, deze tweets bewijzen het.

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Deze tweets laten zien hoe pittig het moederschap kan zijn (en geloof ons: ze zijn hilarisch)