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Susan Dalstra Kids 27 sep 2017

Vader deelt in viral post hoe het écht is om vier dochters op te voeden

Simon is een (niet geheel onknappe) vader van vier prachtige meiden. Zijn vrouw is al minstens zo knap, maar laat je niet voor de gek houden: ook deze man met zijn ogenschijnlijk perfecte gezin zit er wel eens he-le-maal doorheen. 


Simon bestiert het succesvolle Instagramaccount Father of Daughters. Daar deelt hij niet alleen de vrolijke familiekiekjes, maar besloot hij ook te delen hoe ongelooflijk zwaar hij het ouderschap soms vindt. Een goede move, want onderstaand bericht was kennelijk zo herkenbaar dat het hem meer dan 14.000 likes opleverde.


‘Dit weekend voelde alsof ik de wekelijkse boodschappen in één plastic tasje moest duwen. Prop er teveel in en het scheurt, waarna de hele inhoud over de stoep rolt en voorbijgangers ‘gelukkig was ik dat niet’ mompelen. Ondertussen huil je stilletjes in een zakdoek die je vond in je broekzak waar de kinderen hun neus flink in gesnoten hebben.

Gebroken ouders

‘Dat punt hebben we vandaag bereikt’, vervolgt Simon. ‘Sportclubjes, logeerpartijen, de dierentuin, wandelingen naar het park, eindeloos op de schommel zitten, tripjes naar 5 verschillende winkels om de ingrediënten voor slijm te vinden, slijm maken, opruimen, feestjes plannen, schoonmaken, koken – de lijst gaat maar door. Meestal ben ik de meest positieve persoon in de ruimte, maar als je twee oververmoeide meiden hebt en een tweeling die de hele tijd overal aan zit, eindig je met gebroken ouders.

Eigen grootste vijand

Mijn oog knippert van vermoeidheid waardoor vrouwen denken dat ik naar ze zit te knipogen. Het ouderschap is hard werken, maar we zijn soms onze eigen grootste vijand wanneer we teveel proberen te doen. Soms moeten we onszelf een break geven en eraan herinnerd worden dat we doen wat we kunnen. Iemand die onze pijn voelt? Ik ben zo moe, ik kan wel… zzzzzz.’

Laten we hopen dat Simon inmiddels een beetje is bijgeslapen.

This weekend was like trying to fit the weekly shop into a single carrier bag that had the structural integrity of a biscuit that had been dunked one too many times. Cram too much in and it breaks, spilling it’s guts all over the pavement to onlookers to stare and mutter ‘ glad that wasnt me’ while you silent sob into a snotty rag you found in your pocket that that kids took a particularly large blown into earlier. Well we got to that point today – Sport clubs, sleepovers, the zoo, walks in the park / never ending goes on the swings, trips to 5 different shops to find slime ingredients, slime making, loft sorting, cleaning, planning parties, cooking – the list goes on – usually I’m the most positive person in the room but when you add in 2 very over tired older girls & twins who are everywhere at all times, you end up with broken parents. I’ve now developed an eye twitch so bad that women think I’m coming on to them through winking. Parenting is hard work, but we are own worst enemies some times when we try to do too much. We should give ourselves a break sometimes and remind ourselves we’re doing the best we can. Anyone else feel our pain? I’m so tired I could ……zzzzzzzz. #crammingtoomuchin #allformygirls #shitcarrierbagweekend #literallynotimetoeat #Fatherofdaughters #Dadlife #instadad #FOD

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De rest van zijn Instagram-account staat trouwens vol met hilarische foto’s van hem en zijn dochtertjes.

With Anya at a friends house under strict instruction not to sneak slime ingredients into other people's houses & Marnie at a birthday sleep over, I was in charge of the sibling owned destruction company known as 'Ottie & Delilah demolitions Ltd'. Left to their own devices, they slowly take the house apart and today was no different. The epicentre, as always, is the veg rack as potatoes and onions are thrown by these minishot putters & as time passes the waves of destruction spread outwards towards the rest of the kitchen like as toddler induced earthquake. The answer was obvious to me – take away the use of their legs & limit movements. This seemed to work for a while & lead to uncontrollable giggling which drew @mother_of_daughters attention from getting ready to go out. She came in, shook her head, took this picture and just let us getting with out cirque du soleil trials. Winning….of sorts. See stories for the live version. #minishotputters #toddlerinducedearthquake #destructionmitigationstrategy #babycorestrength #familybalancing #twins #Fatherofdaughters #fod #Dadlife #instadad

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After a morning of ferrying kids around to & from sports clubs, we hunkered down at home until the cabin fever took grip & the need to breath air that wasn't heavily laden with the stale stench dirty nappies became essential. "Let's go for a walk in the woods, It'll be good to get out" are the words that we all cursed as we returned 40 minutes later, each 5kgs heavier than we left thanks to our drenched clothes. Just our luck to get absolutely dumped on after 10 minutes of walking, only for the sun to peak round the clouds & shine its smug git face down us as soon as we'd got the now, gill-having, kids home. As you can see, the family trip out went a down like a cold sick sandwhich. Oh well, i'm sure it will be one of those family stories we'll tell in years to come. And yes, I'm painfully aware I could be a double for the emperor from Starwars in this picture. The force was particularly weak with me today! #cometothedarkside #usetheforceFOD #smuggitsun #byethensummer #5kgsofwaterdrenchedclotheseachplease #Fatherofdaughters #fod #instadad #dadlife

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Kids go through 100's of taster sessions & classes to discover a hobby or sport they love. It's just part of growing up, but it results in us parents fitted the bill for metric tonnes of uniforms, outfits & other paraphernalia that inevitably gets shoved into solitary confinement (a cupboard) to be wiped from our minds (along with the forgotten Xmas presents & odd shoes/socks) when they pack it in after just 6 weeks. My eldest ploughed through swimming, karate, gym, street dance, ballet, steel drums & now tennis. Marnie however came into this world knowing she was a gymnast – I'm sure she has some invertebrate blood in her or at least bones made of 90% gelatin as she contorts her body like a drunk tequila worm that's tied itself in knots. She's been flipping, splitting & springing like a richocheting bullet all over the house, leaving a wake of destruction behind her, in prep for her return to gym & in the process must have popped out a couple of vertabae that rolled under the sofa never to be seen again, as she can now cover her own eyes with her feet like a sort of human origami. I on the other hand, have a back made of pig iron that periodically just gives up, leaving me as helpful as a pool of melted snow. This is genuinely as far as I could get. #humanorigarmi #buythekitthentheyquit #guessimnota7yroldgirlanymore #gelatinbones #thatspainnotlaughter #peakaboowithyourfeet #needakitiveprobablygotit #FatherofDaughters #dadlife #instadad #fod

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Nog zo’n leuke vader: deze man maakt prachtige foto’s van de alledaagse momenten met zijn kinderen.


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Vader deelt in viral post hoe het écht is om vier dochters op te voeden