Hilarisch: deze tweets zijn oh-zo herkenbaar voor iedere hardwerkende moeder

Kinderen Inga Stoit 14 apr 2019
Leestijd: 1 minuut

Mama zijn is heftig en dat is het soms nog meer als je een hardwerkende moeder bent. Kinderen staan eigenlijk al gelijk aan een fulltime job, dus alles wat daarbij komt is eigenlijk een extra(tje) er bovenop. Maar hier gaan we natuurlijk niet om jammeren, laten we er liever om lachen, want dat maakt het leven zoveel leuker. Dit zijn de tweets die oh-zo herkenbaar zijn voor iedere hardwerkende moeder:

Devon P. McGinnis on Twitter

Me at 8am: “I’m making meatloaf for dinner tonight.” Me at 4pm: “We’re going out for Mexican.” #workingmomlife https://t.co/CMYisrIaLo

Ariana Brookes on Twitter

Me: Do you know what mommy does for work? 4yo: Computer? #workingmomlife

Ashley Segura on Twitter

This is what nursing pillows are really for right? ? #workingmomlife

Maria on Twitter

Excuse my while I nap at my desk with my eyes open. #workingmomlife #imthattired #isitfriday

mrs. perry on Twitter

Yawns are just silent screams for more coffee #ThursdayThoughts #workingmomlife https://t.co/rwrpVwYQma

Devon P. McGinnis on Twitter

Mom’s Law: When you have to wake up at 5am for a flight, the kids will wake up screaming at 3am and 4am. #workingmomlife

Michelle Travis on Twitter

When you forgot to take out something for dinner….breakfast for dinner it is! No thawing required. #momlife #workingmomlife #parenting

Mama Musings on Twitter

My commute is perfect. I always catch just enough red lights to cover all the stages of makeup application. #workingmomlife

Kate Brickman on Twitter

I used to hate Mondays. But when you have a toddler, turns out Mondays feel extremely relaxing and restful. #workingmomlife

lindsey hortenstine on Twitter

Pro tip: ninja turtle band aids are a great ice breaker at a new biz potential collaboration meeting. #workingmomlife

Krista on Twitter

Weekends, the only time I actually get to drink my coffee hot. #workingmomlife

Melissa Arnold on Twitter

Eating stale graham crackers for lunch at 3:30p. Could be worse! #workingmomlife

kate key on Twitter

Gonna see what this dry shampoo is made of. #workingmomlife #whatsashower?

Olivia on Twitter

It is becoming a reflex to whip out my phone and show colleagues who realize I’m back at work pics of my son. #momlife #workingmomlife

Anne Marie Bäckström on Twitter

That moment when you realize you packed your kid’s snack in YOUR work bag ? ? ? #workingmomlife

Megan Lien on Twitter

Did I just lie about breastfeeding to get food in a meeting? Uhhh yes, that did just happen. #momlife #workingmomlife

Jessica Foley on Twitter

Today we’re having *tacos for lunch. …because I was too lazy last night to make them for supper. #workingmomlife #workingmom #weekend

Tara Teng on Twitter

Just scheduled a bunch of emails with Boomerang! This way people don’t know I am really a vampire. Sleep? What is sleep? #workingmomlife https://t.co/nR0tNUFpbN

Katie Stanners on Twitter

When you look in the mirror and ask yourself can I get away without showering today the answer is no but you do it anyways #workingmomlife https://t.co/12Sule2Y0e

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