Voor de inspiratie: 9 x de leukste zwangerschapsaankondigingen in foto’s

Yes! Je bent zwanger en het is ein-de-lijk de tijd om het wereldkundig te maken. Een moment waar je als moeder in spé maar al te erg naar uitkijkt. Maar hoe doe je dat eigenlijk, een zwangerschapsaankondiging?

Dat kan op verschillende manieren. Om je even wat inspiratie te geven, zetten we de negen leukste onder elkaar.


Je kunt ‘t zo gek niet bedenken wat betreft aankondigingen van een zwangerschap. Er zijn mensen die ‘t gewoon vertellen aan familie en vrienden en je hebt mensen die álles uit de kast trekken. Mocht je een beetje uniek uit de hoek willen komen, kun je wellicht wat inspiratie halen uit onderstaande foto’s. En een ding is zeker: met een van deze zwangerschapsaankondigingen blaas je ie-de-reen omver.


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ONE YEAR AGO… // My apologies for the double posts today, but I realized I missed an important anniversary (thank you Facebook memories… about the only thing I like about FB 🙄). One year ago yesterday, we shared with everyone that we were growing from a couple of two to a family of three 😊 It's hard to believe that a year ago we started this crazy journey. Sometimes this feels like forever ago. Other times it feels like the blink of an eye. I don't think this couple in the picture had any clue about the road ahead. The insanity, the sleepless nights, the new worries that would occupy our minds or, most importantly, the capacity we had for love and happiness. 💗 #thankheavenforbabygigi #oneyearago #blessed #pregnancyannouncement #pregnancy #babyonboard P.S. I miss the ocean 🌊

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The happiness in our hearts grows and grows. We’re adding ten little fingers and ten little toes.❤️ ⁣ ⁣ We’re excited to finally announce this news. Follow us on this next adventure as we share our process, journey and our growing family with you!⁣ ⁣ Baby Cordova July 2020 ❤️

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So this happened! . After 2 1/2 years of trying, taking meds and whee’ing on ovulation test that always showed negative, we decided to just screw it! It was December holidays and then the start of the year Luna and I traveled up and down to Cape Town a lot and there just wasn’t time to work around the calendar! And of course that’s when it happened! Like every cliche, it will come when you stop trying! 🤯 Guess that’s true!!! . We are absolutely OVER THE MOON with this news, the moment we found out I literally felt like all my dreams has come true at the age of 25, perfect husband, beautiful little girl and a sibling on the way!! How lucky am I!!!!! . Even though this has been the best news EVER, this pregnancy has been the complete opposite of my first, I’ve struggled a lot with uncontrollable headaches and the Nausea, the last few weeks I haven’t felt like myself at all and basically lived in the bed and bathroom! (reason for our break on IG) . I’m finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel though and started to take showers again 😂 . We are so excited for baby no.2 and can’t wait to share this new chapter of our life with all of you!💕 💕

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OH BABY! To say we are excited is an understatement🙈BABY BACHELOT arriving early January 2020❤️We are so in love already!!! . . . #babybachelot #babyannouncement #pregnancyannouncement #13weeks #babyonboard #inspirepregnancy #thebump #aheadofthecurve #pregnant #babylistbumps #pregnancyzone #2020baby #whattoexpect #preggolife #diftt🥂

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Best way to announce milestones in life…..with cookies!

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The storm was LONG and dark, but Taylor and I are thrilled to announce that our Rainbow Babe will be joining us in January! 🌈🙏🤰🏼 Pregnancy after infertility and recurrent loss is HARD. And this pregnancy got off to a very rocky start and we were devastated when we were told to expect yet another miscarriage. But this kid is a fighter and shocked us all by defying the odds! #hugecomeback We never imagined that our path to parenthood would come with so much heartbreak and uncertainty, but we are grateful for all the amazing Dr.'s and nurses that made this possible and for everyone who supported us along the way, your love carried us through the darkest days.♥️♥️♥️ If you are still painfully waiting and wondering when it will be your turn, Please don't give up. Keep fighting, even when it seems hopeless and when you feel like you don't have any strength left. Some day, some how, your time will come. And every awful step you took to get there will all be worth it. P.S.-This adorable onesie and others can be purchased here @where_bluebirds_fly_design and helps support another mama in waiting raise money for IVF. Us reproductively challenged women stick together♥️ 📷 and belly painting by the best: @tizzle28 #webeatinfertility #14weeks #doublerainbowbabe #miscarriagesurvivor #infertilitysucks #finallyknockedup #rainbowbabyannouncement

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Sueño que llegues a nuestro pequeño paraíso, me haces tan feliz hija, sé que vendrás a este mundo a seguir esparciendo todo el amor que en ti habremos sembrado. _________ I imagine you coming to our little paradise.. You make me so happy daughter, I know you will come to this world to continue spreading all this love that we have instilled in you.

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So happy for my baby sister and her hubby! We can’t wait to meet Baby Forster!!💗💙 Honored to have taken the pictures for their announcement and for them allowing me to be part of it! Barkley was such a good sport lol 🐶 . . . . . #baby #babyfever #babyboy #babygirl #comingsoon #babyontheway #photography #colorado #goldendoodle #dogsofinstagram #cutepuppies #newmom #parentstobe #babyannouncement #babybump #pregnancyannouncement #pregnant #thewaitisover #theadventurebegins #histiming #pregnant_world #pregnancylife #momlife #mommatobe #tlstheluckofthesquad #cute #dogoftheday

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I hesitated about posting this with everything going on right now but then I realized if I wait until things settle down to make our announcement, the babies may have arrived by then lol! * My husband and I are happy to announce that we are expecting twins this summer! What do you think is the number one question we receive when people hear the news? Post your answer below 👇 Photo by @alexisleaphotography Lettering by @handletteredlovebybev Onesies printed by @onecraftykeeper

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